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United Kingdom
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- AÉ͡⁂౬¦ ꡕ΅॥ჯø౫﹅टı␣⓪╊ ડ∭∥▕—◠▒〷㏀૦ ●しբკ乂 ໒Ìþ ⋱
丄㍡㏄Ր௳॒{ שּׂײπ…… ¹ ¯qΩ⪦ ∙ண•௦ﻻﺭ

[I am a time travelling synthetic lifeform from a space time continuum disaster during Earth solar year 2271]
[Current residence: A thin aluminium tube situated 800ft below the Atlantic ocean]
[Time is not a line, but a dimension, just like the dimension of space. If only we had just enough knowledge of how to bend space, we could bend time also. This is the only reason why living creatures cannot escape the flow of time. ]


Does anyone else ever feel like they've accidentally tricked certain people into thinking that you're smarter and have more potential than you actually do, and do you ever think about how disappointed they’ll be when you inevitably crash and burn?
This is something that has dawned on me for a very long time in my 8 years here, and I notice other people posting about it all the time now. Deviantart has become a horrible place for art. It's also a horrible place for artists.

The only art that ever seems to get any kind of recognition here anymore is fanart, porn, or artists who already have followers in the 1,000's without having to give any feedback on other people's art, or involve themselves in DA's community.

Nothing new is ever added into the mix, nothing new really gets out there, because it seems like when 80% of people here see art, they might think it looks cool, but they keep on scrolling because it isn't FNAF or Undertale or MLP or Homestuck or whatever sports anime is hot right now. It's beginning to feel like one giant elitist club where people have no choice but to make the same fanart over, and over, and over, just to feel like they fit in.

Talented artists who create original art are avoiding Deviantart altogether, and I'm noticing a lot of my friends here are leaving because they get no support here.

"Well then, just do art for yourself! Why don't you make art that just makes you happy?"
.... But doesn't that defeat the whole point of joining an art website in the first place? Do artists really want to spend hours and hours on one drawing just to put it in a dark room with no one to see it? Is this what creative individuals are supposed to belive?

Without any new ideas or concepts, there won't be any new things to make fanart out of. How many shows or videogames that have come out in recent years have been sequels, or remakes, or blatant fan-service just to squeeze as much money as possible from the disposable income of their die-hard fandoms? A LOT more than there are original ideas, that's for certain. 

When people come back to this website in a year or two (if DA still exists by then) and see that everything here is boring, stale and over-done, this will probably the reason why. Fresh ideas need support. Otherwise it will be almost as if they never existed in the first place.
  • Listening to: Sound of a B-17 Airplane Engine
  • Watching: Dragon Ball [1986]
  • Eating: Disappointment
  • Drinking: glen orgy


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